GunDudes Episode 264: 2013 MAG40 Recap (Microcast)

Topics: 2013 MAG40 Recap

  • This week is our MAG 40 report directly after the last day of class.
  • We were able to interview most all of the class, including Gail and Mass about their impressions of the class. For those who attended, enjoy your post class recovery! 🙂 For those who didn’t attend this year’s class, stay tuned for information about next year’s!

Awesome quotes from this episode

  • “Don’t let the GunDudes do any mechanic-work on your car!”
  • “How many GunDudes does it take to change a tire? None! Don’t let them touch your car!”
  • “Massad Ayoob also gives marital advice!”
  • “Hoodies: they’re great for catching brass!”
  • “I’m Anthony, and it’s been several hours since I last shot.” (in unison) “Hi Anthony.”
  • “Hello, this is ‘Gary Ree’ from the ‘Gary Ree Show’ … this guy really does exist!”
  • “You see, when a man and a woman love each other, there’s a special ‘hug’…”
  • Mark Houskeeper won 3 MagHolders for being the top-shot in the class. Oh the irony.

What we did with guns this week

  • We hear from several of the MAG40 attendees about their thoughts and experiences.
  • Carl, Stan, Tom, and Travis (and more) all helped out with the MAG40 course.
  • Joe the Web Guy attended the GunDudes’ MAG40 course — and passed! If he can do it, so can you! Take it anywhere you can get it!

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  4. After you’ve joined the SAF, join GOA
  5. Join your local pro-gun organization, in Utah that’s Utah Sports Shooting Council
  6. MAG40: GET TRAINED! Ours is this week! Whoo hoo!
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  8. Use the Ruger website to email your legislators
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  11. Take someone shooting — start them on a .22

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  1. Anthony   â€˘  

    Excellent show notes Joe.

    As stressful as the class was, my wife and I had a blast, and we’re so glad we did it.

    Tommy is an excellent instructor. Without his one on one help, I never would have been most improved.

    • Joe Levi   â€˘     Author

      Thanks! I concur with your comments on Tommy and the class. It was a pleasure meeting you guys! – Joe the Web Guy

  2. TnJr   â€˘  

    Do you require the app to download now? b the old section of play, New window, download is not here. .. tired of waiting time attempting download. Help please. Tn Jr

    • Joe Levi   â€˘     Author

      We still have the link to download individual episodes on the website. I just checked for this episode and it’s working for me. What problems are you running into? – Joe

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