Bold Departure Podcast

Bold Departure Podcast

Bold Departure chronicles the journey of two brothers with the goal of becoming better advocates for the Second Amendment. The show features commentary from these two lifelong firearm enthusiasts. They bring our unique point of view developed on life experiences. First growing up in northern Minnesota, then serving in different branches of the US Military, John and Mike have explored many facets of the Firearm Owner’s experience in the United States. This includes their military experience, hunting, plinking, and other activities. They now reside in opposite sides of the country. John lives in New Jersey where he fights for restoration of the Second Amendment among a growing community of firearm and self-defense advocates. Mike is returning to Idaho where he is looking forward to building a business in the Firearms Industry. Bold Departure also features in-depth interviews with Second Amendment news-makers. Bold Departure doesn’t simply relay the facts, but rather seeks to go deeper, to the root of the issue discussed.

Guests who have graciously appeared on the show include:

  • Scott Bach: Executive Director of ANJRPC and NRA Board Member
  • Anthony Colandro: Gun For Hire Radio and a Master Firearms Trainer
  • Anthony Fabian: President of the Colorado State Shooting Association
  • Luke Wagner: President of the Board: Colorado Second Amendment Association

Bold Departure employs a developing brand of advocacy for the issue that matters to us the most. Please join us as we explore how we can protect, or restore, the right to keep and bear arms.


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