ProArms Podcast

ProArms Podcast

The ProArms Podcast alternates between two formats. In one, staff members interview shooting champions, top trainers, firearms industry executives, and perhaps most important, gunfight survivors. The latter include Bill Allard, the late Jim Cirillo’s partner on the famed NYPD Stakeout Unit and the one member of the squad who killed more criminal gunmen in face to face shootouts than even Cirillo. Bob Stasch, “the Cirillo of Chicago,” who has been through some fourteen gunfights and counting, because he’s still leading a street narcotics unit in the Windy City.

Andy Brown, the hero who stopped the mass murder at Fairchild Air Force Base 20 years ago when, at a distance of 70 yards with no cover, he pitted his Beretta 9mm against the killer’s AK47 clone and killed him with a bullet between the eyes. Jared Reston, the hero cop who was shot in the face with a .45 from ambush and then shot six more times, and came from behind to kill the gunman, recover from his wounds, and return to duty as a detective and SWAT officer. And more…

The other element of the ProArms Podcast is a core of industry professionals who gather sporadically to kick around topics of interest, from the Browning Hi-Power to the CZ75, from the IDPA National Championships and other major matches they’ve all competed in (more than half of the podcast team members are state or regional champions), to current trends in hardware and software. The regular podcast members are, in alphabetical order, Massad Ayoob, Chris Christian, Steve Denney, Herman Gunter III, Gail Pepin, and John and Terri Strayer.

Steve serves as the host, and Gail is the producer/editor, a/k/a PrEditor. They all invite you to listen in on new ‘casts, and to share the dozens already in the ProArms Podcast archives.


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