1. John   •  

    Love the show very informative and funny. Also i am one of your four
    Listners from Korupticut (connecticut) yes it sucks and i wrote called begged and pleded but they have good knee jerk reactions.
    Also i find it funny they banned the AR clearly on looks because there are bigger guns out there yet they forgot to include rimfire. Not that rimfire is great but it is a cheap platform to train on so now Stag is trying to get approval for a .22 lr model fyi.
    Again this new law is a joke and as always there have been four shooting the last week. Keep up the great work
    Semper Fi

  2. Tony   •  

    My shirt is worn out….you know the one that had Stan sweat on it… I wore it and wore in and inhaled the smell of Stan …..now I need another. please. SELL IT TO ME NOW!. er um I mean when are you making more. No need for the Stan smell to be added… Unless he wants to …… I mean you know I kinda like it and stuff. Regardless it was my only t-shirt… I need another.

  3. Kevin Mattakat   •  

    where are Stan’s Stands?

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