Assault Rifle Brotherhood

Assault Rifle Brotherhood

Assault Rifle Brotherhood brings guns, history, and politics together. If we are too foolish to learn from the past we will experience history’s pain in the present.

Assault Rifle Brotherhood finds its roots in the crossbow guilds or brotherhoods of medieval Europe. Tyrants have always sought control over the use of arms. Crossbow technology was no different. Before firearms the village militia carried swords and crossbows.

The United Nations seeks to enslave the world. Through war, political and economic treachery, free countries are brought into bondage.  After promised utopia turns into hell on earth men with arms could deliver themselves and restore their liberty. There’s a reason gun control is the UN’s top priority and why “we” put guns on their logo.

A free man is always armed because his life is his own and nobody has denied his right to defend it. The right to keep and bear arms is God given. Exercising that right may prevent you from meeting Him early. It is your last Declaration of Independence.

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