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Welcome to the Gun Rights Network!

Hello, and welcome to the all-new Gun Rights Network! As you can tell, the site and the network are both in their infancy. That’s going to change — quickly.

For years we’ve been listening to pro-gun and pro-liberty podcasts through the Gun Rights Radio Network, just like you. When we heard that the GRRN was shutting its doors, well, we panicked. Had it been targeted by the IRS? Was Mark Vanderberg ill or turned anti-gun? Luckily, Mark is fine, and hasn’t been the target of any government agencies. He’s got his reasons, and they’re all valid and legitimate.

Having published the official Gun Rights Radio Network Android app our founder reached out to Mark to see what he could do to help, but the decision had been made: the GRRN will be “shutting permanently February 28th 2014”.

Let’s face it, Mark started something great. He brought us all together. He made us into a community. We’ll be forever grateful for all the hard work, long hours, and devotion to the cause that Mark put into it.

We don’t want to see that die! Given the challenges facing our Rights and Liberties today, this community and the momentum behind it must continue — and it’s got to grow!


Mark has assured us that the vast majority of the shows on the GRRN are independently run and do not rely on GRRN for hosting. That’s a good thing! It means that all the shows that you’ve grown to love will remain, and you shouldn’t have to do anything different to continue getting all their great programming.

What’s being lost is the “central hub” around which the shows gathered. That’s what we’re going to replace.

Other the coming weeks, the new Gun Rights Network will be adding in the titles, descriptions, and links to the shows that were on the GRRN. We’re not making publishers jump through any crazy hoops or pay any membership dues or anything like that.

Broadcasters & publishers

Because the GRRN shutdown is only a week away there’s no way we can contact all the shows from the GRRN before the deadline and formally invite them to join. Because of that, we’re just we plan on adding all of them the new Gun Rights Network lineup before the GRRN shuts down for good.

Anyone who doesn’t want to be included in the network just needs to contact us and we’ll remove you.

Anyone who wants to be formally added should also contact us. We’ll be separating the shows into those two categories: “formal” and “informal” (though we’ll probably come up with better names for them) to differentiate those that have asked to join the Gun Rights Network, and all the others.

Though we’re not new to web development and Android app publishing, we are new to the whole “run a successful community” thing. As such, we’re going to need your help! What do you expect from us? How can we help with your show? We want to make sure that we give you whatever support we can so we can have the best community possible.

Sponsors and advertising

We’re not in this to make tons of money — though we do hope to make enough money to pay for the overhead, and hopefully enough to start advertising the Gun Rights Network to grow the community.

We don’t have any formal packages yet. We want to make sure we get the site up and running, and all the shows listed before the GRRN shutdown. If you would like to advertise on or sponsorships the community, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll work out the details as we go along, just be patient with us — getting the community set up is our first priority.

Calls to action

  1. Let’s all thank Mark for the community that he created, and for all of his hard work — but let’s not let that momentum die!
  2. Get involved and contact your favorite pro-gun, pro-liberty podcasts. Have them check out the Gun Rights Network to make sure their show gets included!
  3. Individuals, groups, and companies who want to make donations to help with startup costs and overhead can do so through PayPal or BitCoin. Alternately, you can help the Gun Rights Network by utilizing our affiliate links to shop through Amazon and sign up for the United States Concealed Carry Association.
  4. And, most importantly, tell your friends about us, and share the Gun Rights Network on your social media networks using hashtag #GunRightsNetwork.


  1. ELIMN8U   •  

    Downloaded the app from Google play but there are no articles for me to read

    • Curator   •     Author

      The app doesn’t ship with any articles pre-loaded, it loads up the most recent articles when you first run it. We’ve updated the app to make this process a little easier to understand.

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